Tractor Disc Harrow

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● A MUST HAVE FOR YOUR FIELD: The Titan Attachments 60-inch Disc Harrow with notched blades is a must-have for anyone looking for an affordable way to turn the soil in your field. Break up unwanted weeds and debris to prepare the soil for planting.
● 16-INCH NOTCHED DISCS: The 16-inch discs are notched to help break up wet, heavy soil with less gumming up and can power through heavier crop debris. These blades are great for land that has not been tilled in the past and are perfect for breaking up weed root systems allowing them to breakdown faster.
● CATEGORY 1, 3 POINT: This adapter comes ready to attach directly to your Tractor’s Category 1, 3 Point hitch without any modifications, bolting or welding required. Back your tractor right up to the back of the adapter, hook into the top link bar, and connect your lower lift pins.
● DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The 60-inch Disc Harrow is constructed using 2.5 x 2.5-inch steel tubing that is powder-coated to prevent rust and corrosion. The 16-inch notched discs are made from hardened steel. The 4-disc axles are equipped with cast iron bearing caps and spools that are greaseable.
● DIMENSIONS: The overall dimensions of the Cat 1, 3 Point 5 FT Disc Harrow are 60-inches wide x 45-inches deep x 30.5-inches high. The notched discs are 16-inches in diameter and spaced 7.5-inches apart. The lower lift pins on the 3 Point hitch are 3.5-inches long and measure 28-inches apart, center to center.

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