Tractor Rear Blade

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● ANGLES SIDE TO SIDE: The adjustable blade offers five forward and seven reverse angle settings. Each setting changes the blade's angle, allowing you to clear and push debris, dirt, snow, and more to the desired side while controlling the amount dispersed. The blade's angle is set using a heavy-duty pin to ensure the blade's angle does not change during operation.
● FITS CATEGORY 1, 3 POINT HITCH: The 6 Foot rear blade is designed to fit tractors equipped with the Category 1, 3 Point Hitch. The top link pin and lower lift pins are included for your convenience. No hydraulic rear remotes are required to operate the 3 Point rear blade.
● REPLACEABLE BOLT-ON CUTTING EDGE: The 72-inch 3 Point Rear Blade is equipped with a bolt-on cutting edge made from AR400 steel. This cutting edge is heat-treated high carbon steel and can be reversed, giving you extra life out of the blade.
● MANUAL ROTATION: The blade's manual rotation offers 12 angled settings, five forward-facing, and seven rear-facing. Quickly set the angle and attach the heavy-duty locking pin to secure the blade's position and begin grading or scraping the ground or plowing through snow.
● DIMENSIONS: The overall width of the 3 Point Rear Blade is 72-inches. The depth of the 3 Point to the back of the blade is 25.5-inches. The overall height of the blade is 14-inches. The entire 6 Foot rear tractor blade weighs 350-pounds.


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